p r o j e c t s


smoke not fog [ in process ]

choreographed & performed by Jessie Young

premiere TBD


Solo work that extends itself from my teaching series T E C H N I Q U E (S) C L A S S

(a movement class comprised of simple exercises and sequences that work with viscera,

musculature and breath work as related to extreme movement sequences) and my creative

writing process. I’m working images and imagined landscapes of my body into phrase material

that navigates endurance, constraint, energetic distribution and deals with the cartography of

the Pacific Northwest, specifically in relationship to image of the “grotesque”, landslides and fault lines and

materiality of the body.

Remember This

October 2018 - January 2019

Touring house show


Multimedia dance work that incorporated photography, live narration, written text and dance.

Remember This was a self-made tour to five locations —Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, IL;

Salt Lake City, UT; Seattle, WA; Port Angeles, WA; Los Angeles, CA. In each of these places I

collaborated  with local artists and community organizers to offer affordable dance classes, somatic

workshops, photo shoots and performance installations at local community centers, schools, studios,

theaters and personal home spaces. 


created & performed by Jessie Young + Jasmine Hearn

New York Live Arts, Spring 2018


Jasmine and I connected in the studio at New York Live Arts for the culmination of my Fresh Tracks Residency

in Spring 2018. We were encountering each other through histories of our movement aesthetics and desires.

Together, we created a rehearsal structure of parallel play, prompted my movement scores that went in

and out of “weather systems.” Weather is a duet that maps gradients of wildness and precision. 

image by Whitney Browne

image by Whitney Browne

Come Through - weather

Shared show with Jordan demetrius Lloyd

“weather” performed by Justin Faircloth Jasmine Hearn Catie Leasca Jessica Pretty + Jessie Young

Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Summer 2018

descend sky [ re-worked ]

choreographed by Jessie Young

performed by Raha Behnam Justin Faircloth Lea Fulton Emma Lutz-Higgins

St. Marks Church - DraftWork Danspace Project, Fall 2017

New York Live Arts, Fresh Tracks Artist in Residence, Winter 2017

descend sky [ original ]

choreographed by Jessie Young

in collaboration with performers Kadesha Ellison Oksana Kuzma Kendra Portier

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Spring 2016

you love me

choreographed & performed by Sophia Levine & Jessie Young

Champaign IL, Fall 2015

orange you [excerpt]

choreographed & performed by Jessie Young

Urbana IL, Fall 2013

ASH/LEIGH [ excerpt ]

choreographed & directed by Jessie Young

in collaboration with Stephanie Acosta

performed by Josh Anderson Lauren Bisio Erin Kilmurray Christopher Knowlton Sara Mitchell Mikey Rioux Amanda Timm

original sound score my PRAXIS

The Den Theatre, Spring 2013

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