ASH/LEIGH (2013)

"Let your absence be the latest shape of your being felt forever." -Rilke

ASH/LEIGH is an evening length performance experience focused on the suspension point—the excluded between— where more has been lost than gained. The performance is marked by dancers that encounter each other, move close and drop away from view. Emerging against a dark canvas evoked by the broken light of flashlights, bodies fight to navigate invisible terrains and inverted relationships. 

Chief collaborator: Stephanie Acosta

Performers: Josh Anderson, Lauren Bisio, Erin Kilmurray, Christopher Knowlton, Sarah Mitchell, Mikey Rioux and Amanda Timm

Collaborators: Brian Rad + Liz Wolferman

Photography: Ryan Bourque + Matthew Hollis

Original sound score developed by praxis. An experiential & sonic expression incorporating indeterminately, pre-recorded and live sound. Including synth, bells, saxophone, flute, wine glasses, wine, harmonium, mouths, and saliva. 

May 2013, The Den Theatre, Chicago IL

ASH/LEIGH was made possible through the generous support of Kickstarter backers.